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You are what you watch

Ok so I was flipping through the channels and caught the fox news channel. Glenn Beck was going on and on about how Obama has created a new form of fascism, “Progressive Fascism.” He then compares him to Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Of course, I think Fox News is garbage and Glenn Beck is a fear monger. But that’s not the point. Well… it is. Glenn Beck goes on a rant on how Obama is going to turn America into a Communist country and then the show goes to commercial. The first 3 commercial were for (a service that gives you cash for your used gold,) a flood insurance company, and then a horror movie. Advertisers spend millions of dollars in marketing research to ensure the right people receive their message.

What does this say about the audience that watches this show? What does that say about the shows you watch? Do you see commercials for stock brokers and high end watches, or bail bondsman and Church’s Fried Chicken?

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