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Understanding the #GodBodyDiet

The God Body Diet isn’t about losing some vanity weight so you can lust after yourself in the mirror or make your ex wish he/she never left you. It is about becoming the best you… ever. By understanding the importance of balancing food, exercise and stress, you can become the ideal version of yourself.

For 30 days you replace indulgence with careful planning and understanding; Instead of doing what is easiest, you’ll do what’s best.

What is the God Body Diet?

– Abstinence from Alcohol
– Abstinence from Sex
– At least 6 hours of sleep every night
– No packaged food unless it is signified as Organic
– Consume a gallon of water every day
– No farmed fish or meat
– Dairy products must be cage free, non- homogenized
– 3 days of cardio workout. Can include core workouts for strength training (i.e. Yoga, Pilates, Swimming)

It’s not one of the rules, but most people on the God Body Diet choose not to club/party due to the restriction of alcohol and sex and the mandate to sleep for at least 6 hours a night. Weekends that were once spent tearing your body down are now free and clear. What are you going to do with all that spare time?

On an episode of Seinfeld, the character George gave up sex. In that time period, his memory became clearer, he read more, became more organized and learned a new language. He used this new knowledge to attract the women of his dreams. Of course, after that he had sex… but we are only human. 🙂

Maybe you could take the time to learn something new like the Art of Tantric Sex. You’re partner will be very pleased since ideally they will have abstained for 30 days with you.

The second most difficult part of the God Body Diet is the drinking a gallon of water during your busy work day. Most of us drink a quarter of that a day. Why so much? Here’s why… You’re body is an amazing survivor. If it thinks there is a drought, it will conserve water like a camel. If there is an abundance of water, it will release it. Most of us are carrying around water weight because our body is in a constant state of drought. Drink more water and like magic… your abs appear.

Anyone who has watched Food INC or one of the dozens of documentaries about the food industry already knows… Food is no longer food. It’s a science experiment and you are the test subject. Corporations will do anything to make food look better as long as it costs them less. They will literally pump hormones in your meat and spray poison on your vegetables if their profits outweigh the lawsuits. Buy local. Buy fresh. Buy organic. Real food costs more than fake food but less than hospital bills.

Lastly the workouts. Sweat is your best friend. Think of you body as an incinerator. All the junk you’ve put into your body over the years gets burned away when you do cardio and the sweat is the indicator that something’s in the oven. Let it burn. Let it burn. Let it burn. (Usher voice)

*Side note*… In my opinion, yoga and running outside are the best forms of cardio.. not only for their ability to make you sweat but for the stress and mental health benefits. Turn off your cell phone, turn on your iPod or just listen to the sounds of the world around you and completely lose yourself. It’s a feeling that cannot be described… Enjoy!

Success Stories:
E. Isys Adewale
Krishna Brown
Roundup Russy
Current Participants:
Jill Person aka JI double L
Julie McShay, ASouthernSocialite
Leilah Reese

  • @MsDaniMonique on July 20, 2010

    After having a better understanding, I am officially starting tomorrow.

  • Billy on July 20, 2010

    It should be noted that Elaine became dumb in that Seinfeld episode. Not sure if the no sex thing works for women. 80) At any rate, great post. Was waiting for an explanation of the rules, reason and benefits. One question: Is this “diet” just for 30 days?

  • akatito on July 20, 2010

    I hope the explanation helped

  • Leshell on July 20, 2010

    I am gearing up to start soon (decision made before reading this article). 🙂

    I wanted to comment to shed some light on the gallon water and measuring it accordingly:

    A true “cup,” (as in measuring cup and not a huge mug at coffee shop) is 8 ounces.

    8 ounces = 1 cup and 16 cups = 1 gallon

    16 ounces = 2 cups = 1 pint and 8 pints = 1 gallon

    32 ounces = 4 cups = 1 quart and 4 quarts = 1 gallon

    128 ounces = 16 cups = 1 gallon

    33.8140226 ounces = 1 liter

    1000 ml = 1 liter

    3.7854118 liters = 1 gallon

    *If you aren’t going to walk around with a gallon of water in your hand every day for 30 days, you could simply determine the measurement of your favorite (environmentally friendly) water bottle and use that with the above to calculate how many to drink.

    Just a hint for sharing!

    Much success to everyone who embarks on this journey!

  • Leshell on July 20, 2010

    Another rule of thumb is to simply drink as many ounces are you weigh in pounds. This will ensure that you get the right amount of water for your weight (as some may need more or less than a gallon to keep them hydrated).

    So, for example, if you weight 160 lbs, than you should drink 160 ounces per day. If 110 lbs, than drink 110 ounces.

    Just another hint for sharing!


  • akatito on July 20, 2010

    Thanks Leshell… Appreciate the tips… the water thing can be tricky

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