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Jack of All Trades

My ten years of applied experience in multiple fields has taught me that marketing is truly centered around anticipating and satisfying customer needs.

Master of One

The key responsibility of any marketing professional is to understand his audience and to find ways to appeal to each individual in order to create a desired impact.


Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

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Life-Long Learner

Learning never stops. As I develop personally and professionally, I continue to seek knowledge in an effort to master my craft.

Aspiring Teacher

We are each our own guru. Sharing the knowledge we have learned to inspire others makes for a life well spent.

Knowledge + Effort = Anything you want



Being Vegetarian in America

Most Americans think that being a vegetarian is some weird rebellion against society. Recently when visiting an Indian Restaurant I picked up a Khabar magazine highlighting Indian-American culture.  One of the articles was about the difficult transition of an Indian coming from a vegetarian culture to America “beef country.”  I hope you are as intrigued […]

Religious Tolerance

So… I was having a religious conversation with a friend.  She’s a Christian and not very tolerant of other religions.  She truly believes that Jesus is the only way and all other religions are false.  I view religious books as just books that contain knowledge and wisdom. Some are more practical and others more imaginative […]

Saving the children from themselves

Why do today’s inner city youth sell and use drugs; exhibit savage violence and hostility toward each other; and seem utterly unsalvageable? All of the aforementioned issues are caused by a cycle of short-sightedness due to the perception of being in “survival mode.” We all know the old African Proverb: It takes a village to […]

I have a deep respect for people who have dedicated their lives to being great, regardless of what great is.

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