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Jack of All Trades

My ten years of applied experience in multiple fields has taught me that marketing is truly centered around anticipating and satisfying customer needs.

Master of One

The key responsibility of any marketing professional is to understand his audience and to find ways to appeal to each individual in order to create a desired impact.


Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

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Life-Long Learner

Learning never stops. As I develop personally and professionally, I continue to seek knowledge in an effort to master my craft.

Aspiring Teacher

We are each our own guru. Sharing the knowledge we have learned to inspire others makes for a life well spent.

Knowledge + Effort = Anything you want



Understanding the #GodBodyDiet

The God Body Diet isn’t about losing some vanity weight so you can lust after yourself in the mirror or making your ex wish he/she never left you. It is about becoming the best you… ever. By understanding the importance of balancing food, exercise and stress, you can become the ideal version of yourself.

5 Great and Selfish Reasons to be Charitable

Some people give selflessly to anyone in need due to their altruistic nature. The rest of us need to be nudged a little in order to do the right thing. If you find yourself in the latter group, here are some ways that you can benefit yourself under the guise of “helping others.”

The company you keep

When I graduated from Hampton University in 2003, most people who did not attend an HBCU had no idea what and/or where it is.  Sometimes I got an “Yeah, I’ve heard of that.” I always assumed they were confusing it with Howard University which has a broader notoriety. On May 9, 2010 The President of […]

The Perfect Woman

Understands my motives, so she can forgive my actions Is dependent on me for all of her shortcomings and allows me to be dependent on her for all of mine Is as eager to hear about my day as she is to tell me about hers

Success through failure

Some people, like myself, have a fear of failure.  My fear is manifested through hesitation and procrastination especially when dealing with the unknown.  Others manifest this fear through the inability and/or unwillingness to admit a failure.  The latter group greatly inhibits their own personal growth through the rationalization of error. “A man (woman) must be […]

Is internet dating more effective?

You’re in a club/ lounge/ bookstore/ park (or any place where people meet other people) and see you an attractive person.  Do you go over and speak? Do you wait for eye contact, assess the interest level and then speak? What if this person doesn’t want to be bothered? Are you going to make a […]

Are you stuck in your life?

Do you ever wish you were daring enough to just sell all your stuff and get a one way ticket to anywhere but here? Do you regret some of the decisions you’ve made that have imprisoned you in your own life? Movies like “Fight Club,” “Office Space,” and “In the Wild” are dedicated to people […]

I have a deep respect for people who have dedicated their lives to being great, regardless of what great is.

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