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Jack of All Trades

My ten years of applied experience in multiple fields has taught me that marketing is truly centered around anticipating and satisfying customer needs.

Master of One

The key responsibility of any marketing professional is to understand his audience and to find ways to appeal to each individual in order to create a desired impact.


Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

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Life-Long Learner

Learning never stops. As I develop personally and professionally, I continue to seek knowledge in an effort to master my craft.

Aspiring Teacher

We are each our own guru. Sharing the knowledge we have learned to inspire others makes for a life well spent.

Knowledge + Effort = Anything you want



Fat, broke, lonely, and stupid

Billions of dollars are spent each year on products and services promising to make you fit, rich, loved and/or smart. Most of these products and services are merely schemes to make you appear “better” but do not even attempt to make you well. The truth is… all of the books, pills, blenders, instructional videos, online […]

Opportunity Cost

Earlier this year, I was tasked with co-mentoring a high school student. To be honest, I didn’t want to do it. The thought of being a direct influence on a young man’s life was too much responsibility at a time when my own life was in turmoil. As a compromise, I guided him to a […]

Which religion is right for you?

The purpose of all of the world’s religions is to move us away from negative impulses and towards internal peace. The only difference between the religions is the method in which they lead us to this goal. These differences are necessary in order to accommodate the various ways we are motivated towards change.

Becoming invincible in work, love and life

Recently I was watched a kung fu flick entitled “Born Invincible.” This great Hong Kong classic opens with a Tai Chi master practicing his daily rituals. The narrator announces that through his extensive training, he has become an “invincible” fighter. The film provides detailed steps and practices on how this fighter became invincible and maintains […]

Are you microwaving your life?

Get Rich Quick! Get Slim Fast! Find Love Now! It seems as though patience, attention to detail and dedication to excellence have become dead virtues in today’s society. We want it all; pre-packaged and ready now. Is this microwave mentality creating the same outcome as microwaved food… appetizing superficially but unappealing at its core?

Are you an accidental expert?

If I spent my time learning, experiencing and applying one subject or concept would I eventually become an expert on it? Do I need degrees, certifications, and awards to make me an expert or is it just based on the knowledge I chose to obtain? This line of thinking lead me to my next question. What am I spending my time becoming an expert in?

Sometimes lack of communication is key

Communication is key. We have all heard it before, but what does that really mean? Nothing. The cliché is incomplete and somewhat dangerous. Effective communication is much more important than just communicating. People communicate angrily, annoyingly and without considering their audience all too often. When expressing ourselves, especially in public, we need to remember that […]

I have a deep respect for people who have dedicated their lives to being great, regardless of what great is.

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