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Is internet dating more effective?

You’re in a club/ lounge/ bookstore/ park (or any place where people meet other people) and see you an attractive person.  Do you go over and speak? Do you wait for eye contact, assess the interest level and then speak? What if this person doesn’t want to be bothered? Are you going to make a fool out of yourself in public? The reason why online dating has become the most popular form of dating is because it relieves the pressure and awkwardness of getting to know an attractive stranger.

In reality, meeting someone is more than just an icebreaker and a good conversation. It’s a complex game of actions and responses. In general, women play defense and men are on offense. The game begins with a look, continues with a smile and a kind word and ends…. well, it ends differently depending on how well the offense and defense were played, but you get the picture.

Conversely, the internet club bypasses the uncertainties by providing you with most of the basic information you need to know about a person and on one page in most cases. In one click you can see what some one looks like, where they are, and what they are about. Some people have so much information about themselves on the internet, you feel as if you know them before you ever meet. Ladies look and think, “look how he plays with his niece in that picture on Facebook. He can’t be a bad guy.” The guys look and think “Well this one girl has bible quotes on her page and this other one is in a bikini and has 69 in her screen name. Which one is right for me?”

If only people in reality came with a filled out questionnaire that you could read before speaking. How much time have you wasted getting to know someone whom you aren’t compatible with on any level. Ladies… How many times have you been in a social atmosphere but not receptive to a new relationship? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a mate in the same way you look for anything else of importance, by browsing and considering first?

The set back in online dating is the same as in real life but amplified. People lie. Unfortunately, the internet makes lying much easier and harder to detect. But… is it anymore dangerous or outrageous than in real life? The Maury Show is a monument to duplicity. The fact is that bad people are everywhere and they are going to be bad regardless of the forum. At least via the internet you can weed out some of the extreme nutcases and weirdos quickly by reading through the profile page.

Is internet dating the end of traditional courting and romance or is it the solution to finding someone in the new fast-paced world? Have you ever dated someone you met on the internet? How did it go?

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