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Cutting the junk out of your life

Foremost, this post was inspired by a conversation I had with my friend and mentor Coach Be coupled with watching the “Marley documentary”. Coach Be and I were talking about his passion for helping people eat better (these days getting people to do what is in their best long term interest is a hard sell.) A few hours later I happened upon Marley, an amazing and inspirational documentary about the most famous human being… ever. I asked myself, “What would Marley do?

Bob Marley lived for what he loved. He lived and died for the opportunity to spread his message of love and freedom to the masses through his music. As most people know, Bob was Rastafarian and as part of his “way of life/religion” he adhered to a Pesca-Vegetarian diet (fish is the only animal source of protein.) He believed that the body is God’s temple and should be kept as strong and healthy as possible.

He also held to the firm belief that if he could not dedicate himself totally to creating change for the better in his own way then life was not worth living at all. Anything that hindered, delayed or distracted his mission was simply moved aside. He lived simply and purposefully and will forever be known as one of the most influential musicians in history.

What could cutting out the junk do for your life?

  • Bunmi Alli on September 16, 2012

    I watched that documentary recently too! Now to answer your question about cutting out junk food, it WOULD absolutely benefit you in the long run. You start picking up healthier snacks like fruits and veggies instead of high salt and high fructose snacks. It’s a challenge to change your lifestyle but in the long run your body will thank you.

    • admin on September 23, 2012

      I complete agree, Bummi. When you get a chance check out Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It’s also fascinating and inspiring.

  • BAnjeeB on September 16, 2012

    I’ve felt a need to purge these last few months. I’m working on it and I feel better, lighter, and more at peace. I’m not finished yet, but getting rid of the junk, clutter, negative people, unhealthy habits, self-defeating ideas, negative self talk and useless stuff just feels good to me.

    • admin on September 23, 2012

      It’s so difficult to see life for it’s simple beauty. Right now, I’m reading Tantra by Osho. One of the chapters takes about confusing activity for action. Our obsession with needing stuff and doing things is what makes us restless and unhappy.

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