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Which religion is right for you?

The purpose of all of the world’s religions is to move us away from negative impulses and towards internal peace. The only difference between the religions is the method in which they lead us to this goal. These differences are necessary in order to accommodate the various ways we are motivated towards change.

God, can I have a…?

A man floating stranded in the middle of the ocean looks to the sky and asks, “God, can I have a boat?” Exhausted, the man falls asleep. When he awakens there is an overturned boat floating next to him. He shouts, “Thank you God!”

The Perfect Woman

Understands my motives, so she can forgive my actions Is dependent on me for all of her shortcomings and allows me to be dependent on her for all of mine Is as eager to hear about my day as she is to tell me about hers

Is internet dating more effective?

You’re in a club/ lounge/ bookstore/ park (or any place where people meet other people) and see you an attractive person.  Do you go over and speak? Do you wait for eye contact, assess the interest level and then speak? What if this person doesn’t want to be bothered? Are you going to make a […]

Religious Tolerance

So… I was having a religious conversation with a friend.  She’s a Christian and not very tolerant of other religions.  She truly believes that Jesus is the only way and all other religions are false.  I view religious books as just books that contain knowledge and wisdom. Some are more practical and others more imaginative […]