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5 Great and Selfish Reasons to be Charitable

Some people give selflessly to anyone in need due to their altruistic nature. The rest of us need to be nudged a little in order to do the right thing. If you find yourself in the latter group, here are some ways that you can benefit yourself under the guise of “helping others.”

The company you keep

When I graduated from Hampton University in 2003, most people who did not attend an HBCU had no idea what and/or where it is.  Sometimes I got an “Yeah, I’ve heard of that.” I always assumed they were confusing it with Howard University which has a broader notoriety. On May 9, 2010 The President of […]

Success through failure

Some people, like myself, have a fear of failure.  My fear is manifested through hesitation and procrastination especially when dealing with the unknown.  Others manifest this fear through the inability and/or unwillingness to admit a failure.  The latter group greatly inhibits their own personal growth through the rationalization of error. “A man (woman) must be […]

Are you stuck in your life?

Do you ever wish you were daring enough to just sell all your stuff and get a one way ticket to anywhere but here? Do you regret some of the decisions you’ve made that have imprisoned you in your own life? Movies like “Fight Club,” “Office Space,” and “In the Wild” are dedicated to people […]

Being Vegetarian in America

Most Americans think that being a vegetarian is some weird rebellion against society. Recently when visiting an Indian Restaurant I picked up a Khabar magazine highlighting Indian-American culture.  One of the articles was about the difficult transition of an Indian coming from a vegetarian culture to America “beef country.”  I hope you are as intrigued […]

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