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Cutting the junk out of your life

Foremost, this post was inspired by a conversation I had with my friend and mentor Coach Be coupled with watching the “Marley documentary”. Coach Be and I were talking about his passion for helping people eat better (these days getting people to do what is in their best long term interest is a hard sell.) […]

Understanding the #GodBodyDiet

The God Body Diet isn’t about losing some vanity weight so you can lust after yourself in the mirror or making your ex wish he/she never left you. It is about becoming the best you… ever. By understanding the importance of balancing food, exercise and stress, you can become the ideal version of yourself.

Being Vegetarian in America

Most Americans think that being a vegetarian is some weird rebellion against society. Recently when visiting an Indian Restaurant I picked up a Khabar magazine highlighting Indian-American culture.  One of the articles was about the difficult transition of an Indian coming from a vegetarian culture to America “beef country.”  I hope you are as intrigued […]

Food, Fitness and Well Being

On the East Coast, being fit is becoming the latest trend. (Thanks to the uncanny power of the internet) The average consumer is now more aware of the effects fast careless living. Well… day 1 on the West Coast has taught me that they (L.A. in particular) are way ahead of us. There is a […]