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Becoming invincible in work, love and life

Recently I was watched a kung fu flick entitled “Born Invincible.” This great Hong Kong classic opens with a Tai Chi master practicing his daily rituals. The narrator announces that through his extensive training, he has become an “invincible” fighter. The film provides detailed steps and practices on how this fighter became invincible and maintains his invincibility. Can becoming unbeatable in martial arts correspond to invincibility in the office, with personal relationships and when dealing with everyday challenges?

What does it mean to be invincible?

Being invincible doesn’t mean you have superpowers or can catch a bullet with your teeth. It means you are inscrutable; above being investigated or analyzed. This inscrutability comes from an unwavering confidence. Your confidence comes from being wise, stable, strong, and yet flexible. You are completely free of self doubt and impenetrable.

When you become invincible people can see a subtle regalness about you. You become unafraid to speak or act because you have conditioned yourself to be correct at all times. Your wakefulness and intelligence make you self-contained and in no need of affirmation through feedback. You are brilliant and fearless because you are guided by a deep natural understanding of the world around you. The world that was created for you.

How does one become invincible?

According to the film, to become invincible you must devote your life to self-improvement. You must bathe in perfection; changing all negative habits. Negative habits create a false sense of security. In order to become truly secure, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable. Only then can you uncover your weaknesses.

Once you have reflected and identified your weakness, you can eradicate them. Whether it is one at a time or several at once, you will need to actively work toward creating whole-body balance. In order to achieve this balance, you will need to adhere to a healthful diet and exercise your body and mind. You must practice concentration and be able to focus on a single task indefinitely. Basically, you must master the art of self control. This leads to a state of stability and solidity accompanied by a sense that you are truly controlling your life, and at the same time continuously sharpening your intelligence.

The last challenge before achieving invincibility is mastering the science of being noncommittal while maintain compassion and sympathy. You are noncommittal because you are uninterested in confirmation of any kind. Pain as well as pleasure become source material for study but do not influence you in any way. You act out of compassion, genuineness, and sympathy for others. For you, success is not the end goal; excellence is.

Ok, now you’re invincible. What are you going to do next?

Keep in mind that perfection has to be maintained. Your devotion to your invincibility is what is keeping you invincible. As you can imagine, people who haven’t achieved your status won’t believe it is possible. Even though their chances of winning are quite slim, people will constantly test you. They will resent you because they pail in your comparison.

This sounds grand but don’t get too cocky. Everyone has a weak spot. And if one of these testers finds it, he/she will attack ferociously. They need to defeat you in order to prove themselves. To them, it is more feasible to beat a master than becoming one.

Most masters are defeated because they have become complacent due to their belief that they are flawless. However the belief that you are flawless in itself is a flaw as is the self-centeredness of constantly inwardly focusing. So… in order to remain invincible, the master must be humble and selfless. He will no longer focus on his own perfection and devote his life to improving people, places and things around him.

Seems simple doesn’t it? Well isn’t it?

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