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Are you microwaving your life?

Get Rich Quick! Get Slim Fast! Find Love Now! It seems as though patience, attention to detail and dedication to excellence have become dead virtues in today’s society. We want it all; pre-packaged and ready now. Is this microwave mentality creating the same outcome as microwaved food… appetizing superficially but unappealing at its core?

Are you an accidental expert?

If I spent my time learning, experiencing and applying one subject or concept would I eventually become an expert on it? Do I need degrees, certifications, and awards to make me an expert or is it just based on the knowledge I chose to obtain? This line of thinking lead me to my next question. What am I spending my time becoming an expert in?

Understanding the #GodBodyDiet

The God Body Diet isn’t about losing some vanity weight so you can lust after yourself in the mirror or making your ex wish he/she never left you. It is about becoming the best you… ever. By understanding the importance of balancing food, exercise and stress, you can become the ideal version of yourself.

5 Great and Selfish Reasons to be Charitable

Some people give selflessly to anyone in need due to their altruistic nature. The rest of us need to be nudged a little in order to do the right thing. If you find yourself in the latter group, here are some ways that you can benefit yourself under the guise of “helping others.”

The company you keep

When I graduated from Hampton University in 2003, most people who did not attend an HBCU had no idea what and/or where it is.  Sometimes I got an “Yeah, I’ve heard of that.” I always assumed they were confusing it with Howard University which has a broader notoriety. On May 9, 2010 The President of […]

The Perfect Woman

Understands my motives, so she can forgive my actions Is dependent on me for all of her shortcomings and allows me to be dependent on her for all of mine Is as eager to hear about my day as she is to tell me about hers

Success through failure

Some people, like myself, have a fear of failure.  My fear is manifested through hesitation and procrastination especially when dealing with the unknown.  Others manifest this fear through the inability and/or unwillingness to admit a failure.  The latter group greatly inhibits their own personal growth through the rationalization of error. “A man (woman) must be […]

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